Cancer Nutritional Therapy

3-Month Oncology Nutrition Consultation Package

Investment: Deposit of $347 and 2 monthly installments of $237 -or- $797 one time pay in full.

  • This package includes a 90 minute Initial Consultation with two 1-Hour Follow-Up Consultations. Written recommendations are included with each consultation and the client may message or email in-between consultation sessions.
  • In the detailed, 90 minute, one-on-one Initial Consultation :
    • We will discuss the foundations of an anti-cancer diet that will support your body and that fits your bio-individual requirements for fats, protein, and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins, minerals, and other anti-cancer phytonutrients.
    • You will learn effective nutrition strategies to enhance current or upcoming cancer treatments as well as help minimize the side effects of those treatments.
    • You will receive detailed, bio-individualized therapeutic diet and lifestyle recommendations, including low-carbohydrate/ketogenic recipes and preparation strategies. I will help you make these recommendations do-able and delicious!
    • You will also receive recommendations for functional lab tests.
    • You will have the opportunity to any high-quality recommended supplements at 15% off through Fullscript Dispensary
  • Follow-up sessions will help you integrate a bio-individualized therapeutic diet into your life and your treatment plan. We will troubleshoot specific challenges you may be experiencing and adjust your overall plan as you your health situation changes.
  • Lab results from your medical pracitioners, as well as additional functional lab results you may have can be reviewed.
  • Messaging and email support between is available in-between consultation sessions.







The Client Process

1. Schedule a consultation.

2. Receive assessment forms through the HIPAA compliant Practice Better site.

3. Submit all intake forms at least 48 hours prior to consultation.

4. Meet with me via Zoom for the initial consultation.

5. Receive personalized recommendations, education, and recipes.

6. Receive ongoing support through the Practice Better portal.

7. Schedule follow-up consultations as desired.


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